“At Akasha Yoga, we are about the practice.”

The word Akasha is often defined as sky, the fifth element in which the other elements exist or the space that makes room for all motion to take place. This inspires us to operate a studio that houses and supports students who desire to focus on their practice in an environment where individual limitation and strength are respected and honoured. Do the work. Practice. As you are.

Accessible, universal, relatable.

Akasha teachers challenge you to reach for your desires and achieve the most benefits out of your practice. We adhere to practice over theory, focusing on yoga as a tool, or process of making something real, tangible physical and mentally transformative in an environment without pretence.

The studio holds the teachers, the teachers hold the students,
the students bring life to the studio.

Thank you for sharing your practice.


Teaching with intention.

Akasha achieves by supporting our teachers, honouring who they are and providing
a beautiful space for them to offer their most unique and authentic teachings.

Melanie has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. Yoga always lifted her mood and made her feel better, and…

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Yoga became a key factor in James life at an early age. Struggling with anxiety and depression in his early…

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Amanda discovered yoga in 2010 when she was transitioning out of a full-time professional dance career. Now a certified Hatha…

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Julie stepped into yoga during a difficult period of her life. After a little while, she realized what beneficial impacts…

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What does it mean to be active in your community? To be a part of a community?

Akasha Yoga Montreal’s intention and culture is to be a part of the St-Henri community and the city of Montreal, a space to connect, contribute yoga, support people.

“It comes down to people, us individually. I believe we can create the world we want by being it.” – James Dylan

At Akasha, we’d love the opportunity to work grass roots with groups that are like minded, hard working, ever learning. We are open and available, to help create the change.

We are here to collaborate with local organizations, to give back,
get involved, build community, help where we can.

With people like these

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