At Akasha Yoga we teach alignment based flow classes.

Teachers are encouraged to create unique sequences based on their professional experience and passion. 



Morning Flow (All Levels)

Yoga is a great way to start your day! This well balanced class will gently wake you up and leave you feeling grounded, focused and empowered. It’s just that kind of class.

Yoga 1 (All Levels)

This is our well rounded all levels class which can be practiced by beginners as well as advanced students. The creative flow of this class focuses on alignment and inventive sequencing and interweaves foundational and sometimes intermediate postures together in order to create just enough challenge to lift your spirits and work your body and mind.

Yoga 2 (Level 2)

A vibrant invigorating flow. A focus on alignment and inventive sequencing is used to make more challenging postures accessible and fun to try and the rhythm of the class will allow the opportunity to exceed your limits, raise your energy while also staying connected and grounded.   

Restorative Flow (All Levels)

The word Restore can be defined as: To bring back to health, good spirits, normal condition.We all need time to reflect, heal, and recuperate. This class combines a Slow Flow with Yin and Restorative Yoga posses to relieve stress and tension, ground, reconnect and revive.

Yoga Foundations (Beginners & All Levels)

This class focuses on the basics of Yoga. It offers a slower pace, longer holds and more constructive guidance and explanation. Giving new students the opportunity to safely learn the correct forms of the poses and the fundamentals of the Yoga practice. And allowing students who wish to reconnect to their roots, the space and guidance to deepen the understanding of their practice and strengthen their foundations.

Yoga 1 – Community Class $5 (All Levels) – To expand our Yoga offering to the community

  • Those with Akasha Memberships: class is included
  • Those with Akasha Class Cards: pay $5 instead of using Class Card
  • Everyone else: $5

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