Akasha Yoga

At Akasha Yoga Montreal we teach alignment based flow classes.

We set high standards for our classes and have a structure to maintain quality and consistency.

Within these standards we encourage our teachers to create unique sequences based on their
professional experience and passion, to be open to offer what they practice and teach and what is authentic to them.

“Each class is unique, high standards and structure create quality. We know it’s working when it resonates with the students.”

– James Dylan

Morning Flow

Yoga is a great way to start your day! This well balanced class will gently wake you up and leave you feeling grounded, focused and empowered. It’s just that kind of class.

Yoga 1

This is our well rounded all levels class which can be practiced by beginners as well as advanced students. The creative flow of this class focuses on alignment and inventive sequencing and interweaves foundational and sometimes intermediate postures together in order to create just enough challenge to lift your spirits and work your body and mind.

Yoga 2

A vibrant invigorating flow. A focus on alignment and constructive sequencing is used to make more challenging postures accessible and fun to try, while the rhythm of the class allows the opportunity to exceed your limits, raise your energy and stay connected and grounded.

“Each class is unique, high standards and structure create quality.
We know it’s working when it resonates with the students.”

– James Dylan

Yang/ Yin Flow

Yang/ Yin Flow begins with an energetic all levels flow, followed by the perfect compliment of deep yin stretches and finishing with restorative poses. Combining the movement of a flow class with yin and restorative poses will leave you feeling refreshed, balanced and revived. 

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a relaxed practice of poses held from three to five minutes. The long holds offer the opportunity for deep opening in the connective tissues of the pelvis, hips spine and joints. And the deceptively challenging practice of finding ease in the discomfit that can arise, leads to the benefits of feeling lighter, spacious and freer. Yin yoga is a perfect compliment to the more active styles of yoga and our often frenzied pace of life.

Restorative Flow

The word Restore can be defined as: To bring back to health, good spirits and normal condition.We all need time to reflect, heal, and recuperate. This class brings together a slow flow Yin practice with Restorative yoga poses to relieve stress and tension, ground, reconnect and revive.

Mom (Dad) & Baby Yoga:

(Wednesdays, 10:00am – 11:00am)

Postnatal yoga offers benefits on multiple levels to both mom and baby. Pregnancy and birth can be hard on the body and many women find themselves with aches and pains in new places. Postnatal yoga teaches moms how to safely rebuild their core strength, while offering the opportunity to strengthen, stretch and relax the body as a whole. As well connecting with other moms in a safe and supportive environment is the perfect outing for mom (or dad) and baby!

Each week class begins with a short discussion on a topic related to our Motherhood journey, and after class you are invited to chat with other moms over a complimentary cup of hot tea.

And as cranky as they may be at home, babies often thrive in a new environment with other little people to look at, so don’t worry about coming with a fussy baby. Our classes mainly focus on mothers, but babies also benefit from singing, massage, and bonding activities that bring them so much joy! 

  • Suitable for ages 6-weeks and older, to crawling
  • No prior yoga experience is necessary
  • Dads welcome!
  • Family Yoga – Drop In 25$/ 6 classes 130$:  included with the unlimited monthly membership. *(not included with the intro pass or class cards)

Prenatal Yoga:

(Wednesdays, 7:15pm – 8:30pm)

Prenatal Yoga is designed to help guide you through the physical and emotional changes you will experience throughout pregnancy, as well as prepare both your body and mind for birth. Classes begin with a short discussion on a topic related to pregnancy, birth, or the postpartum period. We then move the body in ways to ease any physical discomforts you may be feeling, focusing mainly on postures to help strengthen and stretch the body to make more space for baby. We also practice breathing techniques to use as tools for pain management during labour. In this safe and supportive environment women often form strong bonds with other expectant mothers and create lasting friendships. 

  • Prenatal yoga is open to all, no prior yoga experience is necessary.
  • Family Yoga – Drop In 25$/ 6 classes 130$:  included with the unlimited monthly membership. *(not included with the intro pass or class cards)

Yoga 1 – $5 Community Class (All Levels)

To expand our Yoga offering to the community
  • Those with Akasha Memberships: class is included
  • Those with Akasha Class Cards: can pay $5 instead of using Class Card
  • Everyone else: $5

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